Nowadays, Modern Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 9, iPhone XS, Sony Xperia XZ4 has an amazing Slow Motion Video Capturing Capabilities. On the other hand, not everyone can buy these $1000+ smartphones, and that’s why we are here to bring you the Best Slow Motion Video Maker App for Android.

Slow Motion Videos indeed look very cool, and they also bring a mundane video entertaining to watch and provide a unique, viewing experience.


Quik by GoPro

This app needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular apps on the Play Store with 5Million+ downloads for its video editing capabilities and it’s coming directly from the GoPro team. From Slow-Motion to text overlay, Smart Cuts, GPS Stickers, 23 Video Themes, Filters and more.

Slow Motion Video MakerSlow Motion Video Maker

Quik also lets you select the part or section of the video that you want in slow motion, but sadly it doesn’t capture slow motion directly from your camera. Quik is Undoubtedly the Highly Recommended App for Slow Motion Video App for Android.

Download: Quik

Slow Motion Video FX

If you have ever searched Slow Motion Video Maker on Google Play Store, then you would have encountered this fantastic slow motion app. Slow Motion Video FX is undoubtedly the best slow-motion camera and video maker app on Android.

This app is pretty simple to use as it not only offers you to create a slow-motion video, but it also allows to convert your existing videos into slow motion videos. When you fire up the app, it has a “Start Slow Motion.” option, and it will also ask you to record a new video or to create a slow motion of existing footage.

After selecting your video, you can set the speed anywhere between 0 to 1. The lesser the value to zero, the slower your video motion will be.

DOWNLOAD: Slow Motion Video FX



Efectum is yet another well performing Slow Motion Video on Android with 5Million+ Downloads on Play Store, and it adds a Unique Reverse Video Effects with the Slow Motion Features which also makes it stand out from Slow Motion Video FX. As our previous app Efectum also lets you create a slow-motion video through your smartphone camera or allow your exciting video get converted into Slow Motion Videos depending on your choice.

Slow Motion Video MakerSlow Motion Video Maker

When you start the app it gives you varieties of options like Fast, Slow, Stops, Reverse & Slow + Fast (Available for PRO users). You can limit your video speed from 1x to 5x for better slow motion experience. Go ahead download this app to try its more than a Slow Motion Video Making features.


Video Slow Reverse Player

Video Slow Reverse Player is another Simple & Easy to edit app which focuses on creating a fast and slow-motion video. Like Slow Motion Video FX app, it’s quite easy to use. Just launch the app and pick the video which you want to convert. If you’re going to use the effect tap the negative sign/button with only one tap results in a reduction of 0.25X of speed.

Slow Motion Video MakerSlow Motion Video Maker

Like Efectum this app also lets you Reverse Play the Video which also makes your editing experience more fun to play with your slow-motion videos.

DOWNLOAD: Video Slow Reverse Player

Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow Motion Video Maker
Slow Motion Frame Video Player

With over 1Million+ downloads on Play Store, this is quite a simple video player which lets you play your videos is Slo-Mo. This app offers a plus and minus button by which you can increase or decrease the speed of your video playback. As this is a Video Playback App, it doesn’t offer you any slow-motion effects, and it just lets you play a video in slow motion.

DOWNLOAD: Slow Motion Frame Video Player


Videoshop – Video Editor

Videoshop is not only the best slow motion video maker app, but this is also one of the best video editor apps all around. It features some numerous unique features like trim videos, record voice-overs, adds music, adjusts color, creates animated titles, and more.

Videoshop also lets you apply slow motion effects to any of your videos. Just select a part or section of a video where you want to use the slow-motion effect.

DOWNLOAD: Videoshop

That’s it for Now! Do let us know which of the Slow Motion Video App for Android you are going to download?

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